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Holy crap. This is some big shit. The original stage production, PITTSBURGH BATMAN, written and directed by LORD GRUNGE, which has sold out two years in a ROW in The City of Steel, is available for a limited time on SIGNED DVD+R!

(I know DVDRs kinda suck. DEAL WITH IT, though, jah feel?)

This is the 'OFFICIAL BOOTLEG' of the play's 2013 debut. Each disc is signed and numbered by the director and comes complete with a copy of the program, which features sweet artwork and detailed bios on the cast.

There are only 100 copies of this badboy, and when they're gone, they're FUCKING GONE. Own a piece of the magic, baby.

What's this got to do with GRAND BUFFET, you may ask? Well, fool, the play stars LORD GRUNGE as PITTSBURGH BATMAN and JACKSON as ANDY WARHOL. (Them's the two members of GRAND BUFFET, fool.)

Not for nothing, but this makes a HECK of a last-minute christmas gift. (though i ain't guaranteeing SHIT in terms of delivery dates this time of year.)

AND -- as of now, all orders include free GB stickers (with sweet links to dead websites)!

DOUBLE AND -- all orders between now and Christmas receive a special BONUS GIFT!

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